#The100DayProject : New Direction for The Blue Plate and Cobalt Platter

The 100 Day Food Project

For the few who follow, this sweet little blog has helped me chronicle recipes I love, discover, and include in daily life. it has helped motivate me on the nights when i wasn’t feeling cooking dinner, planning dinner parties, or avoiding the inevitable pull of “let’s just go out to eat/get take-out.” We’re no different than most families, couples, or individuals who want to save money, eat good food, (and not have nervous breakdowns over “what do we have for dinner?”)

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite food sites, The Kitchn, posted a No Food Waste Meal Plan for a Week. I skimmed and discovered I had some of the ingredients and my trip to grocery would only involve 3 items for purchase. Score. Plus, I LOVED the idea of NO FOOD WASTE. I’m not a die-hard advocate who is an expert on this – just realize that although the world is definitely paying attention to the food waste issue, I’m growing weary of throwing away our money when food goes bad, or we buy too much and it goes to waste behind the orange juice bottle. drives me nuts.

I casually decided to try it out, and it WORKED! I used what I had in the fridge and even was able to cut back on ANY extra “grocery runs” for something I forgot, and even put on hold my veggie bin since I was set on vegetables for the plan. WOW! I instantly had amazing images of sustainability, green practices, amazing gardens, delicious dinners…WHOA!  Let’s get back to the point here – it worked. Then this morning, my friend at Serotonin Junkie posted on her FB this thing called #The100DayProject – instantly, I thought I could do this and start a no food waste blog! Then I brought myself back to reality – I have THIS blog, I can link up my Instagram, Pinterest, and other assorted social lines and try it out.

Here are the RULES and “guidelines” I’ve given myself:

1) My Project: Improving my current blog with “series” of no food waste menu planning/recipe/outcomes

2) Timing: April 6, 2015 – July 14, 2015 (while I will TRY to meet 100 days, I’ll try to at least hit as MANY as possible since life happens and this is FUN – not to find defeat)

3) Tagging #the100dayproject on blog, pinterest, instagram, and Facebook

Not sure how this will go, but I look forward to having FUN with it.  If anything, it may save me a few pennies, help me with my growing garden this summer (no food waste = composting some waste), and creating a better “go-to” even for my own personal files.  I’m not going to be brilliant and push out amazing month long or even weekly menu plans.  Just going to see what I can find and also if there are some other resources out there to direct others to who might want to find their own personal mantra of no food waste.

AND feel free to post suggestions or comments along the way – I love hearing other peoples ideas (although disclaimer, I may not use them all as I’ll be pushing my own self plenty to “do” so don’t be offended if I don’t include), and won’t mind an occasional encouragement post or push – don’t we all need a cheerleader sometimes?   I may get some of my resource and tools stuff up before April 6th but pushing for at least a FIRST post at or around then.  No pressure for this Blog Girl!

P.S. Will be including the below hashtags- the first one is Captain Obvious, but the 2nd one is a smaller group I’ll be “partnering” along with should you wish to see some of those projects too!

#the100dayproject #100HappyDays


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