#The100DayProject: Staycation…All I Ever Wanted – Friday Fiesta and Sizzling Saturday

spatchcock chickenThe hubs and I found ourselves watching many of our friends posting beach photos, freshly pedicured toes, and a fine variety of selfies, us-ies, groupies…whatever you want, they were out and about loving SPRING BREAK!  Now, we’re not throwing a pity party here b/c we both have worked hard with jobs and school exams and projects…I actually found the bottom of my desk which in the first few months of a new job felt very self-fulfilling!

However, we both were wistfully surfing the ‘net this last week amid the friendly posts looking at last-minute getaways which didn’t match our smart budgeting so we pushed those unnecessary splurges away= SMART win!  But how could I resolve this and give us both a “mini-break?”  I decided on Thursday to finish a lot of the “usual weekend errand/tasks” so we could have some free time on Friday and Saturday for some fun.

I made it easy planning, prepping, and filled with fun – also since I can get a little carried away and then exhaust myself after too much overdoing of the “perfect plan!”  I came up with two goofy themes yes, they have kitsch!  Fiesta Friday & Sizzling Saturday…we had some rain scheduled on Friday so i needed an easy indoor dinner and prep since I’d just be coming from work too.  And Saturday was a little easier for grilling (or an alternative prep should we get rain)

Fiesta Friday Menu

Yes, totally simple and easy.  I didn’t want anything complicated since I had to grocery shop for the weekend and wanted to come home prep and cook and enjoy sitting with the hubs with margaritas instead of frantically cooking while he stared and sipped at the ceiling.  I didn’t get any photos (oops!) but will use the recipes linked photos instead – it happens!  I only had to buy shrimp, tequila, and pineapple since my other ingredients were already home-  still sticking with the #100dayproject goals!

Sizzling Saturday

After a day of yard work, I had brief fleeting moments of bailing on the idea and just getting take-out.  However, that would defeat our purpose of “waste not, want not” and pushed forward – once I had spatchcocked the chicken and assembled the spices everything else fell into place and I was happily rewarded with a cold, delish glass of Vinho Verde. We were able to dine al fresco on our patio and the cool night air was perfect for the crispy chicken and potatoes.  We didn’t get the potatoes on the grill fast enough so they didn’t cook as quickly – but the ones that did we split since we had more than enough chicken. (It worked out though as you’ll see in future posts!) I confess, I was only able to slice up the fruit for dessert- I needed easy! I’ll try the mint syrup when my fresh mint comes in – I had planned to do a simple syrup but the fresh cut fruit was good enough for star-gazing & tiki torches. (and it prevented us from scooting out for $ice cream$ – WIN for the budget girl!)  Once again, working with what we have – this one did involve getting a whole chicken and potatoes – however, both were on sale so I didn’t blow any unforeseen budget and the pineapple was left over and the kiwi and oranges were screaming for use.  Overall, not bad for “Spring Breakish” as my hubs dubbed it.


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