Off-Topic: 15 Bucket List Things to Do Before 40

Ok, so this doesn’t have to do with the 100 Days Project, or cooking, but if you are like me, I eat up these Bucket List articles.  Sometimes they are far-fetched, but then I read something and think- I can TOTALLY do that!  What fun!  When you can say that in a row, the list is worth it.  Saw this one today from Elephant Journal 15 Things Every Woman Should Do By 40, and thought it worth sharing.  Now, before you start thinking – I’m only 20 or 33, I’ve got time.  Or if you are over 40 and think, I’ve waited too long.  Nah.  Age is the number, I just liked the concept – you can do anything if you put your mind to it.  Also, I didn’t love every single one.  So I crossed out the ones that I just knew wouldn’t apply and made an adjustment to strive toward.

Here we go – start the plan!

  • Change careers at least once.

I did this one a little earlier.  In fact, when I was 37 I left my comfort zone career in education and made a wild turn to social services/health and human services.  What did I discover?  It was tough but worth it.  My first year was a crawl, I felt like a toddler learning to walk and kept stumbling and at times fell down.  However, I had good people guiding me and believing in what I was trying to do.  At year two, I’m now the little kid – I still stumble but don’t like a toddler.  I’m gaining balance.

  • Do something “crazy.”

I am ready for this.  Now, crazy can be defined as much as you want it to be.  Someone’s crazy is definitely different for everyone.  My crazy is probably something I’ve wanted to do for a while – drop and go on a travel trip without planning or much assembly required.  Like call up the husband and say meet me at the airport, we’re going!  Now that for this control-freak, planning, list-loving chick this is CRAZY.

  • Live within our means.

We’re working on this now.  After a wild ride in my 20s and 30s, I’ve spent time in my late 30s gaining control of finances.  We admit that we didn’t miss out and loved the adventures but when I think of how fast money went out the account for frivolity, it makes me prouder now to have that money invested, saving, and being kept for fun, lifelong goals.  Bring on the money-saving means, I’m so ready.

  • Learn to be comfortable in our own skin.

Raise your hand if you are TOTALLY happy and comfortable.  I’m still working on this.  Some days I am so advanced, and then the mean girls or self-serving backhanding steps in and that passive aggressive self-conscious monster rises again.  This will take time, and when I am 40 I don’t expect this will ever be cured.  But I do want to be sure of myself.  That is a goal worth fighting for…

  • Be glamorous.

Not thinking glamour shots we did back in the 80s and 90s – take a night and REALLY get glam.  Or find an occasion to plan and get glam.  I’ll be working on this one…anyone have ideas?

  • Chase a dream.

How about I CATCH a dream.  I have a few that have come true, but there is always something worth following or going after.  I’m ready – fishing and catching dreams is worth the wait.

  • Visit another country.

We renewed the passports. We have a few ideas we’ve been throwing around.  I’m ready.

  • Step out of our comfort zone.

Oh man.  This is a doozy.  I’m not talking about taking a different route to work, although that may be big for you so go for it.  I’m talking about go out to a restaurant for a fancy meal ALONE without a book, phone, and just live in the moment “step out of the zone.”  (By the way, DO THIS.  It is probably one of the best meals you’ll ever have in your life)  I’m examining what will be mine – I did it with my career.  And I know there is MORE I can do professionally and personally to GET OUT OF THE BOX.

  • Find a cause.

Don’t just jump around.  Find the one that DRIVES your passion.  I’m still searching for the cause – and in my case I may need to accept it is many.  How cool would that be?

  • Make and live by a “soul mate wish list.”  Rely on my OWN knowledge and feed it for growth – and resist the urge to Google the answer to every question.

Listen, I’m all about focusing on relationships in friendship, love, family, etc.  However, this one seemed a little too depth meter for me.  I’m working every day on relationships but one thing I hate recently is how much I automatically turn to technology or a quick fix for an answer.  I realized this when I was helping a friend’s daughter with homework – I googled it.  But deep down my brain knew if I had just sat and dug a little deeper in the brain, I would have had it.  I do a disservice to my own knowledge when I DON’T think and just take the easy way out.  

  • Learn not to settle and hold grudges.

YES.  THIS AND THIS and THIS.  I’m totally making this one a notch higher on my list.

  • Start over—completely.

This one is up for interpretation.  I think I’m going with starting over with how I approach the SMALL STUFF.  The details.  Try starting over in how I jump to conclusions.  That is my interpretation of this one so I WILL stick to it.

  • Love with complete abandon.

Yes.  All IN.

  • Tell someone exactly how you feel.

This is tough for me.  Yes, people pleaser me who TRYS to not do that, I sometimes won’t say what I feel, but am working on it.  I’d rather know I can be honest and tell them instead of hiding  or stepping away from it.

  • Write your story…a story. Just write!

This is why I did this blog post.  I’m writing again and loving it.  I hope I’ll continue to do it and introduce a few more thoughts in the process.  More soon, loves. 

What is your favorite on the list?  What would you start or add and go with FIRST?



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