Just Me – Behind the Blue…

The Blue Plate…

About two years ago, I met a wonderful man. (Stop! This isn’t a sappy love story, ok–well it may have elements but less sap…I promise)

This man, as perfect as a working drummer and true gentleman, captivated my life and my heart.  And all was absolutely spectacular — except for one small detail: he lived outside of “The City” in “The Country.”

The Cobalt Platter…

I’m a born city girl.  For most people, there is a strong desire to leave behind urban asphalt, sirens and car horns, subway and public transportation noise, and the awesome hum of electrical energy emanating off tall buildings and city life.  Who wouldn’t want to move to pastoral, rural settings of clean air, wide open spaces, and endless quiet?

I wasn’t so keen on the idea.

I was a happy, single young woman living the prime of her life –I had already traded a busy East Coast Philadelphia address for a bustling, suburban/urban Southern locale settling into a prosperous career, rising as a local leader, and running fast – so very fast.

Perfecting the Recipe…

This Drummer had patience, and waited.  I first visited and began to appreciate some of the beautiful quiet, yet there was a part of me secretly thinking “city life” would win.  But life does sneaky things to you – value, quality of life, and residential security do tip the scales. Love prevailed and so did adaptation.

And we had a lot to learn from one another.  Read: Perfect Planner meets Super Spontaneity. We’ve had our twists, turns, and lots of fun in between.  Fast forward – we’re recently married (circa 2013) so THIS “City Girl” hauled her fabulous shoe collection, too much cookware, and is S-L-O-W-L-Y learning to segue her “Cobalt Platter” tastes to adapt to “Blue Plate” living.


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